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Noise and Vibration at Work Training Courses

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HAVS Course: Vibration at Work Competency Training (2 Days) IOSH Accredited

Risk Assessment and Management of Vibration at Work - with Expert Tutors from

the Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre Ltd

Vibration Training Overview


Vibration White Finger, or Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, or HAVS is the main issue concerning Vibration at Work.


The condition is caused by repetive use of hand held powered tools that emit vibrations through their handles. A vast array of tools can be potential culprits - breakers, grinders, strimmers and air impact wrenches to name but a tiny few. The resulting tissue damage is manifested as permenant blanching of the skin, tingling, pain, numbness and lack of dexterity. Often it can be agonising and crippling. There is no reversal or cure.


In the UK, organisations must comply with the HSE's Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005. When followed, these laws greatly improve employee protection and reduce the likelihood of employer liability. Compliance can only really be achieved with a sound understanding of Vibration Risk Assessment and Management.


A high proportion of UK organisations are realising the need to better understand vibration at work, because it is quite correctly being seen as much more than the need to simply collect tool data.


Our 2 day Vibration at Work Competency Training Course covers HAVS assessment and strategies to reduce the risk associated with Hand Arm Vibration, as per the expectations of the HSE.


The course is fully accredited by IOSH and delegates gain a recognised IOSH certificate upon passing the end of course open book exam.




All vibration training is delivered by highly qualified consultants from the Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre Ltd. Each has considerable experience of teaching Vibration at Work:

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Vibration at Work Competency Training (2 Days)

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  • Symptoms of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)

  • Scale of the HAVS problem

  • The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005

  • HAVS Management program

  • Vibration Parameters

  • Measuring Hand Arm Vibration, including Best Practice

  • Calculating Exposure and Exposure Risk


HAVS Assessment Practical Session


During the practical section of the course, each delegate is shown how to put theory into practice and take accurate vibration readings using a HAV meter.




Please call for availablility - 01753 698800.


Alternatively, for an 'In-house' training quotation please call for details - 01753 698800.


Price (Public Course)


£465 + £75 Exam & Certification = £540 + VAT


Course folder, lunches and refreshments included.



"UK organisations are exposed to a surprising amount of mis-information regarding Hand Arm Vibration and the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005. Because of this, it’s very easy for senior staff to act incorrectly, leaving employees at risk...


...These days, any business exposing its employees to Hand Arm Vibration risk, is itself exposed to the possible consequences...


...The HSE and the claims industry are both actively seeking to hold employers to account for mis-management of vibration at work.



Senior Acoustic Engineering Consultant, INVC Ltd.

Gill Cussons teaching noise at work in Manchester Typical angle grinder measured for hand arm vibration. hav-assessment-accelerometer