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Noise and Vibration at Work Training Courses

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Noise Course: Noise at Work Guidance Training (1 Day)


Risk Assessment and Management of Noise at Work – An Introduction/Refresher

with the Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre Ltd

Noise Training Overview


Noise assessment and control is now considered to be a key aspect of health and safety policy.


Irreversible loss of hearing ability is the most common effect of high noise exposure. At worst the result can be Industrial Deafness. Another workplace injury caused by noise is Tinnitus, which produces a phantom ‘ringing’ or ’whooshing’ noise in the ear - there is no reprieve or cure for this. Noise is also proven to cause stress, which may negatively affect productivity and quality.


In the UK, organisations must comply with the HSE's Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. When followed, these laws greatly improve employee protection and reduce the likelihood of employer liability. Realistically, compliance is only possible with a satisfactory knowledge of Noise Risk Assessment and Management.


Reducing risk via noise assessment and noise control requires correct knowledge and application. More and more organisations are therefore realising the advantage of specialist noise training.


Our 1 day Noise at Work Guidance Training Course is an ideal introduction to the regulations and key compliance concepts. It includes an explanation of technical terms and sound level meter use, plus an overview pro-active noise control.


The course may also serve as a refresher for previous competency course delegates. All delegates receive a Focus Health and Safety attendance certificate.




All noise training is delivered by highly qualified consultants from the Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre Ltd. Each has considerable experience of teaching Noise at Work:

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  • Introduction to industrial hearing damage;

  • Sound behaviour and terminology;

  • The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005;

  • HSE expectations;

  • Key issues of noise assessment and control;

  • Sound level meters and tips for correct use.


Digital Noise Assessment Template Included


All delegates receive a download link to INVC Ltd's Digital Noise Assessment Template, as used in the field by the course tutors themselves.




Please call for availablility - 01753 698800.


Alternatively, for an 'In-house' training quotation please call for details - 01753 698800.


Price (Public Course)


£235 + VAT


Course folder, lunch and refreshments included.



“It’s good that most employers know the need to protect against hearing damage, but it’s still very common for health and safety personnel to lack the knowledge and ability to do this correctly, or to judge whether consultants are giving them adequate advice...


...The HSE deems that every organisation has a responsible person for complying with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 and if consultants are used, the responsible person is still accountable...


This is why the noise courses we teach are so invaluable."



Senior Acoustic Engineering Consultant, INVC Ltd.

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