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Noise and Vibration at Work Training Courses

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Noise Courses - HAVS Courses - Environmental Noise Courses

Noise Training Courses and Vibration Training Courses

Do you need practical training in noise and vibration? IOSH courses can help organisations to minimise the risk of serious employee harm from exposure to loud environments or vibrating powered tools. CIEH environmental courses can assist industrial firms to develop and maintain effective solutions for noise pollution. Covering regulations, assessment and management, these courses the answer for anyone seeking advancement, plus the potential to gain an IOSH qualification in Noise or Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) management.


However many of your staff require noise training or vibration training and wherever they're located, we'll be happy to advise you. Simply send us a message or call 07837 385248.

Through this site you can access various public venue IOSH noise courses and IOSH vibration courses. View our calendar for the latest noise course and vibration course dates.

Public Courses: Various UK Locations


Private Courses: Exclusively For Your Organisation


1 Day | Refresher Event


2 Days | IOSH Accredited

Courses in Occupational Noise Risk Assessment and Management

Courses in HAVS / Hand Arm Vibration

Risk Assessment and Management

Courses in Environmental Noise Assessment and Management


3 Days | CIEH Accredited

UK Noise and Vibration Regulations

4.5 Days | IOSH Accredited

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As a result of the obligations many businesses face, our training events are more than just noise assessment courses or HAVS testing courses - we will help you to understand full compliance, including control and management of risk.


The guides below will help to bring the current HSE noise and vibration laws into perspective:

Typical tool measured by havs assessor after training